Over 25% of landfilled materials in Colorado is construction and demolition debris.

Let’s Build Better Together.

Applying Sustainable Materials Management solutions to your construction or demolition site saves money, reduces impact, and recovers resources.

VERT Sites support C&D projects of all sizes to successfully incorporate and integrate practical Construction Materials Management solutions that help contractors:

  • Address jobsite space
  • Develop a project’s Construction Materials Management or sector
    materials management plans
  • Salvage assessments
  • Hauler negotiations and communications
  • Navigate construction & demolition debris ordinances and policies
  • Efficiently manage jobsite materials with teams and trade partners
  • Streamline communication and Materials Management trainings
  • Data assessment and reporting services
  • Implement TRUE Zero Waste Construction Certification practices

Let's Build Better Together

Vert Sites will get you on the path to better sustainability practices.


I’ve worked with Kat in the past and I am excited for her future! If you need to know about recycling or how to implement tactics at jobsites she is the person you need to talk to. She is a wealth of information.

Lou Opatrny

Senior Project Manager

Hyder Construction

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