Waste is a global problem that requires local solutions.

VERT Sites is a Sustainable Materials Management consultancy that bridges client relationships with their material waste streams. We locate practical and cost-effective resource recovery solutions centered on an organization’s materials management goals, operational needs, and the local landscape.

Our methods are:

  • Actionable
  • Measurable
  • Reasonable
  • Effective

Beyond the “little green triangle.”

Materials Management is much more than responsible recycling practices, and often when combined with other waste diversion and resource recovery methods financial savings occur and operations become more efficient.

VERT Sites provides organizations with the necessary blueprint to incorporate material reduction, material reuse, material recycling, and material recovery to help achieve a successful path to waste diversion, waste prevention, and waste elimination.

Organizations We Support

Ready to move Forward?

Vert Sites will get you on the path to better sustainability practices.